Tunnel of Time
by Jeannie Chambers (Author)

Do you think it's possible to be one place one minute and then a completely different place the next? I'm talking a REALLY different place. My name is Gracie Hitt, and I did just that along with my sisters, Lizzie and Reba Dee. A normal Saturday at the County Fair turned out to be the most extraordinary time of our lives.

"Tunnel of Time is a unique concept that allows the protagonists to visit with many characters from history. Fantastic, clever and educational MG story." - Dennis Higgins, Author of Time Pilgrim series and others

Dennis Higgins, Author of Time Pilgrim series and others

"Jeannie Chambers writes a fun, fascinating, yet educational, story with verve and imagination. I wish I'd had Tunnel of Time to read when I was young." - Linda Anderson, Author of Over The Moon, The Secrets of Sadie Maynard, When Night Falls

Linda Anderson, Author of Over The Moon, The Secrets of Sadie Maynard, When Night Falls

"Praise for Jeannie Chambers and her excellent writing. An outstanding story, full of interesting facts and a plot to immerse the reader in a fantastic journey across time." - Arlene Messier, Canada

Arlene Messier, Canada

"It was like a journey through time, reminiscent of a classic Jules Verne tale, sure to make you feel like a kid again." - Jessica Reis, Portugal

Jessica Reis, Portugal

"I was extremely impressed with how the book was written and how history was woven into fantasy. I loved the dynamics of the sisters relationship and how they all depended on each other." - Tracy Margis, USA

Tracy Margis, USA

Remembering Highlands: From Pioneer Village to Mountain Retreat (American Chronicles)

by Isabel Hall Chambers (Author) and Overton Chambers (Author)

Highlands, North Carolina, is not just home to cool mountain breezes, breathtaking views and world-class shopping and restaurants, it also boasts a rich and vibrant history. What started as the dream of two developers in 1875 has grown from a tiny hamlet into a beloved home and home-away-from-home for many. Join sixth-generation Highlands native Isabel Hall Chambers and her husband, Overton Chambers, as they share charming tales of old Highlands, from lazy summer days playing "town ball" to ice-skating and celebrating Christmas. Woven into this collection of articles from the Laurel are true stories of some of the area's grand old homes, its traditions and an array of interesting residents and visitors through the years, as told by fathers and grandfathers, old postcards, letters, deeds and even tombstones. Everyone who loves this unique mountain community will delight in Remembering Highlands.

I've known Mrs Chambers and family since moving to Highlands in 1977. Her knowledge of Highlands comes from a rich Hall family heritage. She has given many talks about Highlands over the years, as well as articles in the Highlander Newspaper. She is both a gifted story teller and writer.

John E Bauknight III

The Inheritance

by Overton Chambers (Author)

Cynthia McKenna is an attractive, respected senior editor at a New York publishing firm. Raised by her widowed grandmother and engaged to a wonderful man, she is content with her life, but the sudden inheritance of an estate in North Carolina tips her carefully balanced existence. Her great-grandfather, Lord Jeremy Maxwell of Scotland, established a large estate, which has been left to her by a great aunt. Having no use and actually no first hand knowledge of the property, she takes the advice of her fiancé and lists the property for sale. But a letter from her real estate agent piques her curiosity and she must journey to the mountains of Western North Carolina to inspect it. Once she sees her ancestral home near the town of High Glen, long buried memories from the past appear, causing her to question fundamental aspects of her life. It doesn't help that another REALTOR John McCloud is different from every other man she has known, including her fiancé. A long dead secret shrouds her inheritance, and Cynthia is confronted with a mystery that makes her fear for her life.

Lost and Found

by Overton Chambers (Author)

This story involves natives of High Glen, or those that have come to love the area. An unsolved mystery plagues some of its people along with a claim of inheritance by others. Some have ties to Scotland and this is depicted through out the story.