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Mark Your Calendar for some Me-Time

It's a cold, cloudy day. Although the groundhog predicted there'd be an early spring, winter is hanging on like beggar's lice on a walk through the woods. Do you know what cold, cloudy days are good for? Dreaming.   Planning. 2020 calendar     Doing.     Now's a great time to start [...]

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The one that got away

We all like to talk about the one that got away whether it's fish, romantic suitors, a car or even a house. There are people that have bookmarked in their computers and phones or expect their Realtor to have them on speed dial, waiting...waiting... on that special property. We've had clients tell us "If [...]

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3 Day Weekend Valentine’s Day + President’s Day = What a deal!

Valentine's Day mixed with a long weekend, thanks to President's Day- what a deal! We all know February 14th is Valentine's Day, and this year it happens to fall on a Friday, and since the following Monday is President's Day- it's a 3 day weekend! Yay!!               A [...]

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Don’t be afraid of Goldenrod

          Goldenrod solidago is a genus of over 100 species of flowering plants in the Asteraceae (Aster) family. Solidago comes from the Latin word soldago, meaning to make whole, or to heal.   If Goldenrod and Ragweed were in a police lineup, the results wouldn’t fare well for Goldenrod, as it’s [...]

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Top Ten Things Every Vacation Rental Home Needs

  According to VRM Intel Magazine/Summer2019 edition (original article by Heather Bayer, Cottage Blogger), there are ten inexpensive vacation rental upgrades that will cost less than $100. The list was comprised from guest experiences and reviews in which they’d mentioned that made their vacation experience more enjoyable. Some of these are sort of ‘no-brainers’, while [...]

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There Goes the Neighborhood – Thanks AirBnB

Do YOU know anyone that feels this way?   According to the National Association of Realtors online magazine,, a home improvement site, recently surveyed 990 people about short-term rentals (STR). The results weren’t as shocking as they were dependable when you consider the millions of people that own short term rental property and/or choose [...]

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And The Survey Said? What’s YOUR Top Ten?

          The TV game show Family Feud started in 1976 with Richard Dawson and still runs with Host Steve Harvey. If you’re one of the ten people that haven’t seen the show, the premise is two families pitted against each other vying for the most points to win money. To get [...]

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