This is an Coronavirus update from Chambers Realty & Vacation Rentals. 

With extreme care and caution, we have decided to prohibit any short term rentals at the present time.

Do we want to do this? NO, of course not. This is purely cautionary on our part. This is our livelihood, and our rental owners want, need, and deserve income from short term rentals, BUT this is an unprecedented world event, and we feel we must follow strict mitigation protocol to help stop the spread to our little hamlet, our home.

How long will the short term rental ban be? For the time being, we are blocking all rentals through the end of April. We are constantly checking the status of the virus and will make changes if we need to. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if by mid April, the CDC gives the all-clear to go ‘back to normal? We would dearly love that, but we may also be looking at extending the ban. And, even though nothing has been put into place yet, there are area counties that have road closures, and may require home confinement if necessary. Again, we hope not!

What if we’ve already made reservations and paid  our money? We are willing to give full refunds for any cancelled reservation due to the Coronavirus. If you made your reservation through VRBO or Homeaway, you paid them a fee as well. Homeaway (and VRBO as a subsidiary of Homeaway) has notified us they will also refund their fees. They’ve given us instructions to follow for our renters to get those fees refunded.  We only ask that you use patience with us and Homeaway during the process.

What if we want to move our reservation to a later time, can we transfer everything to a new reservation? Yes, and we would love you more if you’re able to travel at a later time.

Why can’t we shelter/isolate in Highlands, it seems like such a lovely place to be in all the pandemonium? Well, it is a lovely place. We want you to enjoy yourselves when you’re here, and Highlands, like the rest of the country is hobbled by restaurants being limited to carry-out only, the majority of the stores are closed, our hospital is very small and has limited access to physicians and nurses. We simply cannot ask our community to bear unnecessary problems by being inundated  with guests, now just isn’t the time.

What if I’m a guest of a Highlands homeowner? Can’t I use their house, especially if they aren’t using it? We can’t stop our rental owners from using their Highlands homes, or allowing guests to use their homes, but we are asking ‘with a polite smile on our faces’, that you reconsider coming to Highlands until it is safe for all concerned.



In healthier times, this would be the normal scene in our quaint downtown. It’s not like this today, while a few stores have remained open, most are waiting this one out.




Here’s what we suggest: Look at our website, find a rental you’d like, and plan for a future visit to Highlands.

    1. Keep on top of things by checking the CDC website.

          2. Contact our office to make a reservation or book online.

           3. Have fun planning with your family and we’ll see you as soon as this ‘viral attack’ is over.