We all like to talk about the one that got away whether it’s fish, romantic suitors, a car or even a house.

There are people that have Zillow.com bookmarked in their computers and phones or expect their Realtor to have them on speed dial, waiting…waiting… on that special property.

We’ve had clients tell us “If the xxx house ever comes up for sale, be sure to call me first!” Of course, most of the time, it’s years later, and those buyers have either bought something else or changed their mind.

Highlands is in a remarkable real estate market situation right now. We need new listings!

We’ve had three new listings since October of 2019. The first one had an accepted contract within 30 days. The third one had an accepted contract the same day it was listed!

What is it about these two listings that set them apart from all the other listings in our area?

  1. Buyers are watching. In the first case, the buyers rented the home as a vacation rental for years, they loved the home and the area. They moved on, built another house somewhere else, sold that, and then bought a piece of property to build on. They were watching the market. They had no intention of buying another house, but when ‘their’ house came on the market, they moved, and they moved fast. They contacted the same Realtor that has helped them countless times before, made an offer and it was accepted. I’m not even sure they viewed the property before making the decision, but they were familiar enough with it from their years of renting.
  2. Buyers are watching. In the second case, the buyers have been looking in one particular area for months, and have made offers on other homes, only to be outbid by others. Their Realtor had them on speed dial- they made the split-second decision to travel to Highlands to see the property, offer made and accepted.

    There’s an old saying: There are plenty of fish in the sea

    But it seems as far as the 2020 real estate market in Highlands goes, the pickings are getting slimmer.    So what should you do if you’re interested in buying a mountain home? KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN. CONTACT YOUR REALTOR AND MAKE SURE THEY HAVE YOU ON SPEED DIAL.

    Don’t let ‘the big one’ get away.

    Remember, Highlands is calling Contact us today if you want to be on ‘speed dial’