And The Survey Said? What’s YOUR Top Ten?

          The TV game show Family Feud started in 1976 with Richard Dawson and still runs with Host Steve Harvey. If you’re one of the ten people that haven’t seen the show, the premise is two families pitted against each other vying for the most points to win money. To get [...]

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RIGHT this way and EASE on down the road.

When buying and selling real estate, you need to verify certain things about the property before the transaction has been completed. Look at the deed of property you’re considering, and it doesn’t hurt to look at the deed of property you’re selling to refresh your memory. A right of way or easement can mean a [...]

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If These Walls Could Talk

When selling or renting your home, your walls DO talk, and sometimes they tell stories you wouldn’t believe. Telling stories aren’t always a bad thing, however, some should be left untold. When prospective buyers and renters view your home, are they getting the full picture? Should they see the full picture? Although a buyer’s experience [...]

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Buttercups and Dandelions

You’ve been to the sermon; you know the one where it’s preached ad nauseam that your home has to have curb appeal and you should stage your home? While there is proof that these suggestions work, I’m in the pew that believes that every home doesn’t have to look the same. Sometimes after viewing homes, [...]

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Realtors and Voting

Realtors and Voting         Everybody knows that Realtors sell, list, rent and manage real estate. I think most everybody knows you don’t have to be Realtor to sell, list, rent or manage real estate. The difference? It’s in the capital ‘R’. A Realtor is a real estate agent/broker that is a member [...]

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Who Loves Ya Baby?

Who Loves Ya Baby?       Who remembers Kojak? The NY crime series starring Telly Savalas from the late seventies? If you don’t remember  the show, you may remember his bald head, that he preferred Tootsie Roll pops to cigarettes and his main catchphrase was “Who love you Baby?” Kojak always had our back, didn’t [...]

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Giving Back

  Giving Back Our mountains give us so much, yet sometimes we forget to acknowledge its natural beauty. We take for granted the fresh air and use air conditioning, we opt for cars instead of walking short distances, and we pave our roads to keep those cars from getting dusty. Our mountains give us [...]

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Happy Spring!

Highlands has hopped into spring, real estate showings are up, and vacation rentals are getting spruced up for the season. It's time to give Chambers Realty & Vacation Rentals a call to see what we can find for you.

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