For the most part?


There have been plenty of mild winters to go along with the super cold ones. Some have more rain, some have more snow, and some have even more snow. So, how does one predict what the upcoming months will bring?

Here are some graphics I found on YouTube for the 2019-2020 winter:


We often look for the signs, and the folklore handed down from the ages. We all know this lady, right? Her character would have known ALL about the signs.

Here are some tried (and maybe) true signs to watch for in predicting our local weather.

  1. The wooly worm The wider the brown band on the wooly worm means the winter will be mild.
  2. Weeds The taller the weeds, the deeper the snow
  3. Christmas (1) The number of days from Christmas predict the number of snows that winter.
  4. Christmas (2) The DATE of snow before Christmas predicts the severity of snowfall. 1st-10th means hardly any snow. 11th – 20th means normal snow and 21st -31st means lots of snow.
  5. Acorns If there is a heavy crop of acorns, a harsh winter is ahead.
  6. Fog (my favorite) The number (and density) of fogs in August equal the number of snows (and how much) August isn’t over yet, and we’ve already had EIGHT fogs.